Culturally Inclusive Bohemian Wedding

This culturally inclusive bohemian wedding taught me more than I ever thought I could learn as a wedding photographer and human being.

For that, I am forever grateful.

Where Persian & Tongan Cultures Become One

So often, stories of different cultures get left untold and this wedding is a story that I think deserves to be shared. It wasn’t until I heard it discussed among the guests that I realized that if it wasn’t for the society we live in today, and Bumble ;), a marriage like this wouldn’t be a possibility between these two cultures. Isn’t that crazy?

Bohemian Wedding Specifics

Nestled in the mountains of Sonora California, at the Union Hill Inn, this rustic, boho, and culture-infused wedding day began. Elmira, the bride, being a photographer herself, had the attention to detail locked in. She ensured that the wedding was adorned with beautifully curated jewelry, florals, gowns, cakes, centerpieces, and more.

It was traditional to both their own unique cultural backgrounds paired with neutral tones and a bohemian flair – all without being overwhelming in the slightest.

A Wedding Photographer’s Favorite Aspects of The Day

My favorite memory of the day was the ceremony. Most of the time, ceremonies only last 15 – 30 minutes, if you’re lucky. Their ceremony was over an hour long. It was filled with four live music performances from various friends and family. They also participated in a Persian sugar ceremony, had a wonderful pastor, and utilized so many unique Tongan traditions.

I don’t cry often, especially in public places, but without a doubt, this ceremony brought tears to my eyes.

From endless amounts of joy, laughter, and live music to good food and traditional Tongan dances, this culturally inclusive bohemian wedding had it all. There was so much love throughout this day I hope you can see the beauty in it all. #OfaLahiAtu

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