Playful Big Sur Engagement Session

Sharmaine and Jericho’s playful Big Sur Engagement Session in California has definitely made it onto my list of favorite engagement sessions EVER… AND FOR GOOD REASON!

Want to know why? Keep reading to find out more!

Starting Bright & Early with a Big Sur Engagement Session

We started this Big Sur engagement session early in the morning. Although I don’t consider myself a morning person, I always find that the bright and early wake-up call is well worth it. We found ourselves alone on empty beaches with epic views popping through the morning fog.

Undoubtedly, we were at one of the prettiest spots along the California coast.

Dressing the Part at Big Sur

I think it is safe to say that these two have the CUTEST style. When you match that with their adventurous energy, you get a match made in heaven!

To begin, Sharmaine wore a streetwear-inspired white collard top with a sweater over top (she is the coolest, truly), jeans, and Adidas sneakers. Jericho wore a white t-shirt with an olive green bomber jacket, distressed jeans, and the crispest white sneakers I have ever seen.

Additionally, we switched things up with a burnt orange sweater change for Sharmaine (my favorite color in the entire world). Jericho put on an earth-toned striped shirt with black jeans, docs, and a Levis jean jacket. This may have been my favorite outfit during their engagement session! To end the session, she changed into a black midi dress with strappy back sandals and our leading man changed into a white button-up shirt with deep brown pants.

Will be forever showing this session to couples for engagement session outfit inspiration! The tried and true combination of a couple of casual outfits and ending the night with a more ‘dressy’ style will never get old.

I don’t think any amount of time will go by that I will not be obsessed with Sharmaine and Jericho’s playful Big Sur Engagement Session. I am super grateful to them both for allowing me to capture such an important time in their beautiful relationship!

Cheers to you both!

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