Dreamy Mt. Tam Engagement Photos

I met with Kelsey and Matt for romantic Mt. Tam engagement photos in Mill Valley.

These two are the cutest! Okay, I know I say this a lot, but I MEAN IT. This is one of the dreamiest engagement sessions of 2022! That, my friends, is saying something… because I have had a lot of incredible couples and sessions!

Curious why? Keep on reading!

Dreamy Mt. Tam Engagement Photos

Get to Know Their Rom-Com Love Story

Kelsey and Matt have known each other almost their entire lives! Their families are good friends so they’ve spent so much time together. There was always a connection, but Kelsey ended up moving away for college.

When Kelsey came back after graduation, Matt finally gained the courage to shoot his shot after loving her his whole life. There is something about a forever kind of love that makes me weak in the knees.

The rest as they say is history! Their love feels straight out of a movie and I’m a huge fan!

Capturing Dreamy Mt. Tam Engagement Photos

The lighting for their Mt. Tam engagement photos was stunning! The dreamy ambiance mixed with Kelsey and Matt’s energy was a perfect match for this day. 

The mountain tops were covered in yellow and green that complimented their neutral-toned outfits. Kelsey’s white dress stood out so beautifully! Matt could not keep his smiley eyes off her which was just so cute to capture.

We took advantage of the trees, fields, and mountaintops throughout our hike. Stopping to take in the breeze and photo opportunities. 

Once we got to the top for their Mt. Tam engagement photos, we laid out a picnic blanket that Kelsey has Matt had brought. We timed the hike just right because the golden hour was perfect for this moment!  Later Matt popped a champagne bottle catching every glimmer of light in the droplets. I seriously am in awe at how dreamy and romantic this engagement session went.

FUN TIP: Bringing a prop like a picnic blanket is great for adding to an engagement session. Also, if you’re bringing a champagne bottle, bring two! One for the photos and one to enjoy with your partner. 

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